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A Time to Betray A Time to Betray by Reza Kahlili

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was a hard book to read, and I have read a goodly amount about Evin prison, and a man who was Persian born, and a hostage, an an American citizen working in Tehran at the time of the Hostage Crisis in Iran. He asked me to write his book. I was too new of a writer to do so. He has since passed.

Most people know there are 7 Baha’is in Evin right now, and much has been written of them. In fact the journalist who was freed (Roxanne Saberi) writes about them also in her book. This book (A Time to Betray) was hard, because the suffering was immense, the brutality so real, and his mission so gripping, and I as a reader was always worried for his safety and the wellbeing of all people in his country.

The hand of fate will simply visit those who torture others, and we in this generation cannot know when or how, and it isn’t with vengeance I comment so; it’s just that nothing we do goes unnoticed in a higher dimension.

I think the book it a must in that it gives tremendous insights into the suffering of the ordinary citizens of Iran and yet the heroic acts of some. My heart goes out to all who suffer.

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