Oink - melted on the tongue

fabulous ladies

happy moms

We got there before bride and groom; we ate lots of chips; hmmmmm

Happy, Happy

The Honeymooners

The fabulous Miss R
To die for

Darling children

rock on

handsome dear men

Everyone was happy

waiting for the bride
The flower girl was dear

Happy Bride and Groom

Outside of room waiting for Chiara before the wedding

Chiara's Mom - the other Guam traveler

Dad on left is living in Guam - Sean on right is waiting for his bride

Taking care of Paper BusinessEsther and the wonderfully lovely Chiara

Wonderful wedding, conjoining of families. It was a global venture. Chiara’s mom and dad came in from Guam, one brother from Michigan, the sisters from California. Not totally sure. An aunt and cousins came from southern state, and Sean’s family came from Mississippi. A small gathering of absolutely joyous friends witnessed a glorious union!

The reception rocked; we went to Mijares, and Sean and Chiara are an incredible couple. Hooray and blessings for them!