Two weeks ago, Bill, my husband, had to go from Huntington Hospital in Pasadena to Baldwin Park to kaiser Hospital, so a neuro guy could double check him just in case he need to be trundled into a hospital bed.

He didn’t; he stabilized, and he said it was a 20 minute ride. The ambulance bill: $1400 – 20 minute ride, tho two qualified attendants, one who drove. We didn’t have to pay.

I’ve been reading, walking and writing. I had a huge list of want to read books, and today How to Sew a Button along with Alice I Have been, Finding Nouf, and they sit alongside a book Revelation and social Reality, Learning to Translate what is Written into Reality (a profound book).

So I push aside my Pug Calendar, work on a student’s essay, check my emails for news from one of my 400 cronies, and on Facebook, note with absolute joy of erica’s wedding. Incredible lady. You don’t need to know.

today started out slow, and i had blood test; blood too thick; oh dear, too many veggies; i hate being on Coumadin, no choice. Library and meeting at noon; wonderful gathering, profound and dear people, walked home – 2 miles; don’t push for the third Esther, you drive yourself.

Yaran 7, Baha’is imprisoned in Evin Prison had hearing today; blocked, not allowed families; three years now; how long must this go on.