The air is cool, birdies tweet and the red light on my computer connector has blinked all morning. No connection. No wordpress blog, no nablopomo until now, 12.30. I sit down and think what to write, and as i do so, bill reads out loud to me oblivious i’m trying to garner thought no. 1 from the top of my brain; thought no. 2 from the bottom, and something in-between which resembles opaque whiteness, a thought forming, all in all, my images or forming thoughts are like an oreo cookie, stuck together, firm, and not opening up.

Last night on Tavis, two people, two incredible people were on talking about a woman’s book on the new Jim Crow, which premise is basically Jim Crow is alive and strong, and is palpable in the enormous incarceration of blacks in our prisons. I had the book; had to return it to Central, but plan on checking it out again.

I wanted to slit my throat. It’s big, it’s enormous, and it’s rotten underneath. I awakened with a sadness generated from thinking about Jim Crow message last night. Today, while the red light when off, Bill reads out loud a passage from Post Black, How a new generation is redefining African American identity, Ytasha L. Womack, and it’s an entirely new pint of view.

I’m not going to quote it, but recommend both books, titles for which you can scramble on your own. It’s big, it’s thorny, it’s complicated, and I wish we lived 1,000 years in the future where some of these issues had been conquered. Acording to my understanding this will happen.

But I’m not here to tell you what to believe, what promises to wiggle around in your heart. I’m here to talk about really taking a day and just going with it. It’s strange living in this new age where institutions and societies are broken, but I bet if they journaled in Attila the Hun’s age, the same thoughts might have been voiced.

The solution is to be present, to stand up for principles, and with me it’s Baha’u’llah’s teachings on justice.
Every epoch has had its theme. We have gone from family, to tribe, to city-state, to nation, and now boys and girls we are global. I think i can say that’s large, gargantuan, and yet we compress because we link, we click, we nablopomo, twit, google, run, stamp, fold, mutilate, expand.

I’m a ways away from the young, skinny, insecure girl of the past. Still i was on a path and that path saved me.
It’s about connecting. Yeah, you, me, and wanting the best for everyone. I’m going to end now. I’m sort of off in the wordsmith category or energy today, but am going to Trader Joe’s, the library and do a one hour hoof. Hoofing is something I’m getting back into thank goodness. Hard when you’re watching lungs and heart, but enduring when you want to live and contribute to the long run of it all. You catch my drift.