Big is posting everyday on my new word blog home – i’m a word hog, wordsmith, word devotee, and big is sitting by the Divine Mizz V and having her teach an old gal, getting better, the ways and wherefores of blog posting. 

Big is reading the LA Times this a.m. and feeling my heart sink like an old elevator gone awry as the headlines tell of Immigrants with babies who have birth defects.

Big is knowing Mr. Bill, my velcro strip of a guy, my husband, and I have to go too his cardiologist and a neurologist too, for that matter, to see what’s happening to his innards and outwards cuz he’s getting older! 

Big is living in a time the Hopi’s call prophetic and tell us that anyone born in this age is brave, and now is the time for the ingathering of men.

Big is not eating chocolate and walking whether breathing is something that doesn’t whistle in and out of me, and big is showing up in my I believe in the Oneness of Mankind, and I want to give everyone a voice, so I’m giving another free writing workshop at La Pintoresca Library on April 17, and if you wanna know how to get there boys and girls, go look up La Pintoresca Library, Raymond and Washington, and see a squatty white building facing kitty corner to the world and that day April 17th, that squatty little building will say, “Come to me between 11 and 2:00, all you who want to write, must write, don’t have a clue about writing, and spend a few fantabulous hours, moments, in a word lab in your mind.”  You catch my drift.