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Well I’ll be a yellow bellied chuckwagon!  i’m a gal of a better age and scoopy, funny wisdom and I am as of this day, thanks to a Three -Legged Duck, transferring from an old blog to WordPress.  Words are ice cream cones, lamb chops with white crinkly paper on a smooth glossy China plate, inky letters of solace, snorky snorts of humor and I’m a wordsmith glad to be here.

Weight Watcher Oatmeal Cookie

1 individual container Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal WW – 2 points
1 tablespoon of Agave Nectar -1 point
2-3 tablespoons of egg white
cinnamon or nutmet optional

spray cookie sheet
mix with fork until it sticks together
put on pan and shape into cookie

cook at 350
some say 15 minutes
but i cook it until it gets brown

the Weight Watcher lady said cook one cookie at a time!

bon appetit!!!

Growing Up global, raising Children to Be At Home in the World, by Homa Sabet Tavangar.

I just found this at the library.Looks like tremendu book from mastering a greeting in ten different languages, throwing an internationally themed party or celebrating a newfound holiday.  Reader friendly, upbeat, all inclusive, a tremendous resource to check out.