It’s out!   Esther’s second book.  Relief.  Didn’t want to go down in history as this is Esther’s one book, Without A Net: A Sojourn in Russia.

Nope. Yup.  YOU CARRY THE HEAVY STUFF is published on, and my writing name is longer than the kid, Es, …. it’s Esther Bradley-DeTally, and my storefront name is sorrygnatWhaddya now.  Readers there’s a guy in Temple City who is winning the Triple Nobel Prize from the unseen kingdoms.  Steve Pulley not only nagged me to join a writing group; then he had the nerve to nag me to publish; then he had to listen to my quavering whine over email or telephone, Steve, I’m stuck, then he formatted my ms, all along dealing with my staccato personality, and then, last, but the noblest, we together went into the cavern known as Self Publish with Lulu, it’s easy.  We both now might have a tad of Post Traumatic Lulu Self Publish syndrome, but it’s up, and I believe in this book.  I like the writing.  So if you are a will’in, buy it; nag a friend to buy it.  Those who helped me edit will get a complementary copy.  No worries.  Love and wellbeing to all, esther bradley-detally