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GOING OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE – SOPHIE THE PUG, the most Vaudevillian Pug ever!!!


From Linda Popov regarding service, celebration, memorial for John Kavelin:

Saturday, July 25, 2009 10:26 PM, CDT
Dearest friends,
Tommy just read aloud many of your guest book entries to members of our family gathered at Spirit Lodge. Our hearts have been deeply touched by the outpouring of your love and support. How wonderful to know we have this amazing global family, especially at this time when joy and sorrow have embraced, as our father used to say. Tommy’s daughter Zhena who lives in Sweden came from Puerto Rico withTommy and Farahnaz. My son Craig came from San Francisco, son Chris from Australia and Tommy’s daughter Nava from Haifa, Israel! At John’s burial, a small, exquisite circle of friends and family accompanied by a piper recited prayers, sang, and each placed a rose on John’s casket. More than 100 attended yesterday’s celebration. The visual presentation of photos of John’s life including a portion of the dvd of the 20th anniversary conference will be available soon on line. We wish all of you could have been with us for this amazing celebration of John’s life. We did it up right, decorating the hall with tapestries and paintings from John’s home, & lots of flowers. Tommy sang so beautifully as did others. My eulogy was met with many tears and lots of laughs as well. I feel we all need to stay in touch for a while. Dan and I are going away for a week. After that I will send you thoughts on where to make donations in John’s name. Tommy and all of our family join me in sending you our heartfelt love and gratitude. Linda


Coffee, Tea and Conversation

August 15, 2009


YIKES, ZAZOOKS! TARNATION THUNDER, I WAS REPORTED SEEN IN LONDON, SENDING OUT A RUN-ON SENTENCE, ASKING FOR ALL THINGS FOR MONEY! You know I might ask for attention, that’s fine or not fine, depending on the beholder, but asking for money is not my style, via email or any other manner of speaking.

I filed the necessary cyber crime reports; and reader, i had over 700 people on my list. I wonder what they thought. Most people got it. It wasn’t me. Two friends said, “It’s not Esther, because she doesn’t speak in complete sentences.” Some praised my random eloquence, and my friend Donna did the best-she basically thought it a parody written by me and responded that she’d pay, but they’d have to realize, she’d pay in California currency, i.e., I.O.U.’s as the state government pays for goods and services. She put it more humorously, and Bill and I fell to the floor laughing. Just for that one response of hers was worth the whole theft happening.

Thank you one and all for your concern, and apologies for inconveniences. Love to all, Esther safe in California, rolling around in her money!