I Love Yous Are For White People
, Lac Su, published 2009 Harper Perennial (www.harperperennial.com) Incredible new memoir about man who as a young child made a harrowing escape from Communists in Vietnam. Came to West Los angeles, not the West Los Angeles of falafel shops; glitzy films, UCLA students galore, writing groups on every corner, but one where living conditions so horrific, and the every day street world eclipsed the soul. Lac Su was poor; his father abusive; he experienced gangs, and yet he made it through with a tremendous awareness of all the light and dark forces surrounding him. He received a master’s degree and Ph.D.,A.B.D., in industrial organizational psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (good school). He’s working on another book.

I found I Love Yous Are For White People over the weekend, well Friday, checked it out of library and couldn’t put it down, profound, insightful, authentic, good writing, wonderful; hard to say wonderful to hardships, but if it produces a book like this, it’s all grist for the mill.