A friend put this more succinctly than I could-i am busy right now telling 900 people on my lists about this horrible Tagged email that whipped through Pasadena and the like. Ugh to Tagged, and Kudos to friends trying to fix it. IT IS NOT A VIRUS, but it’s a violation!

I thought you might like to know that I received the following invitation, apparently from you, but sent through Since I’ve been receiving the same message from other Baha’i friends, I suspect that this is one of the practices of, a social networking site that states:

“[’s] current registration process asks applicants to supply an e-mail address and a password for accessing the corresponding e-mail account so Tagged can ‘match you up with your friends,’ information which the company apparently uses to traverse address books (or other e-mail contacts) and send e-mailed invitations to the addresses found there — invitations like the ones noted above, which deceptively appear to have been sent by the Tagged members themselves and claim that the recipients have been ‘added as a friend,’ ‘sent photos’ or ‘sent a private message’ on Tagged (even though no deliberate ‘adding’ has taken place, nor have any photos or private messages for the recipients been posted for viewing).”

You can read more about this deceptive practice at: