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Jailed Bahá’í leaders set to stand trial in Iran on July 11

01:02 pm on Jun 24th 2009 OEA

The trial of seven Iranian Bahá’í leaders, arrested in the spring of 2008, is scheduled to be held at Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court on July 11, 2009. American-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi was recently convicted of espionage in Branch 28 of this Court and sentenced to eight years imprisonment. She was eventually released, but only after an international outcry at the clear politicization of the case and manifestly unjust legal procedures.

News of the July 11 trial date was conveyed only orally to the family members by authorities at Evin prison, where the seven Bahá’í leaders are being held. As information conveyed by officials concerning the judicial process has often proved unreliable, it is possible that the Iranian authorities may find some reason to change the trial date.

The seven Bahá’í leaders have been held for over a year without formal charges or access to their attorneys. Official Iranian news reports have said the Bahá’ís will be accused of “espionage for Israel, insulting religious sanctities and propaganda against the Islamic Republic.” The charge of “espionage for Israel” is punishable by death.


I Love Yous Are For White People
, Lac Su, published 2009 Harper Perennial ( Incredible new memoir about man who as a young child made a harrowing escape from Communists in Vietnam. Came to West Los angeles, not the West Los Angeles of falafel shops; glitzy films, UCLA students galore, writing groups on every corner, but one where living conditions so horrific, and the every day street world eclipsed the soul. Lac Su was poor; his father abusive; he experienced gangs, and yet he made it through with a tremendous awareness of all the light and dark forces surrounding him. He received a master’s degree and Ph.D.,A.B.D., in industrial organizational psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (good school). He’s working on another book.

I found I Love Yous Are For White People over the weekend, well Friday, checked it out of library and couldn’t put it down, profound, insightful, authentic, good writing, wonderful; hard to say wonderful to hardships, but if it produces a book like this, it’s all grist for the mill.

HOUSE WAS TENTED; JUST our pool house not big one. Bill and I have been really tired from settling a friend’s estate, and we took a two day respite at a local motel, shades of the 30s; rested, read; ate healthy; walked a little; i swam in the pool; and I discovered some new books.

I LOVE YOUS ARE FOR WHITE PEOPLE, a Memoir by Lac Su a must; THE PLAN (big Ideas for Change in America) Rahm Emanual and Bruce Reed, looks well written, easily digestible and informative. Read first few pages; Bill interested too. Two more memoirs beckoned Oliver Poole’s Red Zone, Five Bloody Years in Baghdad, and A Comrade Lost and Found (A Beijing Story) by Jan Wong

House moved back into; pipe broken, exterminator people sent their own plumber; nice guy starting his own business; hope it goes well; gas people cam by; nice to have services; i remember in Ukraine if something went wrong, you had to just wait until Monday for someone to fix, like the plumbing went out because the workers were drunk; oh my; a friend sent his poetry; it’s astounding; has a book; lovely; am going to have a cup of decaf, crash, hopefully walk later. Good to be home!


A friend put this more succinctly than I could-i am busy right now telling 900 people on my lists about this horrible Tagged email that whipped through Pasadena and the like. Ugh to Tagged, and Kudos to friends trying to fix it. IT IS NOT A VIRUS, but it’s a violation!

I thought you might like to know that I received the following invitation, apparently from you, but sent through Since I’ve been receiving the same message from other Baha’i friends, I suspect that this is one of the practices of, a social networking site that states:

“[’s] current registration process asks applicants to supply an e-mail address and a password for accessing the corresponding e-mail account so Tagged can ‘match you up with your friends,’ information which the company apparently uses to traverse address books (or other e-mail contacts) and send e-mailed invitations to the addresses found there — invitations like the ones noted above, which deceptively appear to have been sent by the Tagged members themselves and claim that the recipients have been ‘added as a friend,’ ‘sent photos’ or ‘sent a private message’ on Tagged (even though no deliberate ‘adding’ has taken place, nor have any photos or private messages for the recipients been posted for viewing).”

You can read more about this deceptive practice at: