Have you ever tried elephant kisses? You have a long sleeved sweater on; pull your arm back and hand so it disappears, and nothing is left but several inches of a flopping sleeve, and then brush flopping sleeve over child’s nose and say, “You just received an elephant kiss.” While I’m on that, here’s some things to pass on at an appropriate age. THEY CAN BE RECITED AS DRAMATICALLY AS YOU WANT! STANDING ON CHAIRS, TABLES, FLOOR-WHO KNOWS!

Icky Gooey was a worm
A mighty worm was he
Sitting on a railroad track
A train he did not see.

Icky gooey!

This is the story of William McGory
And now my story has begun
This is the story of William McGory
and now my story is done.

A Dog

A dog is made of bones and meat,
his body’s kind of long and round
and at each corner’s there are legs
to keep this body off the ground

A head and tail at either end
we’ll find if we search with care
and all these different parts of dog
are neatly wrapped in skin and hair!

the last one written by Uncle Bill Johnson, an adopted uncle who left a deep stamp upon my soul because of his EB White wit and his terrific love for me and kindness!