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Monday, September 29, 2008. Dear Ones, the following is from Guidance For Today and Tomorrow, under The Present Day and this particular passage is entitled “Universal Fermentation.” I offer this passage with the hopes that enlightment of a process will solace and galvanize.

“Universal Fermentation”

As we view the world around us, we are compelled to observe the manifold evidences of that universal fermentation which, in every continent of the globe and in every department of human life, be it religious, social, economic or political, is purging and reshaping humanity in anticipation of the Day when the wholeness of the human race will have been recognized and its unity established. A twofold process, however, can be distinguished, each tending, in its own way and with an accelerated momentum, to bring to a climax the forces that are transforming the face of our planet. The first is essentially an integrating process, while the second is fundamentally disruptive. The former, as it steadily evolves, unfolds a System which may well serve as a pattern for that world polity towards which a strangely disordered world is continually advancing; while the latter, as its disintegrating influence deepens, tends to tear down, with increasing violence, the antiquated barriers that seek to block humanity’s progress towards its destined goal. The constructive process stands associated with the nascent Faith of Baha’u’llah, and is the harbinger of the New World Order that Faith must ere long establish. The destructive forces that characterize the other should be identified with a civilization that has refused to answer to the expectation of a new age, and is consequently falling into chaos and decline.
A titanic, a spiritual struggle, unparalleled in its magnitude yet unspeakably glorious in its ultimate consequences, is being waged as a result of these opposing tendencies, in this age of transition through which the organized community of the followers of Baha’u’llah and mankind as a whole are passing. …”
The following paragraphs deal with the process of disintegration:

The process of disintegration inexorably continue, and its corrosive influence must penetrate deeper and deeper into the very core of a crumbling age. Much suffering will still be required ere the contending nations, creeds, classes and races of mankind are fused in the crucible of universal affliction and are forged by the fires of a fierce ordeal into one organic commonwealth, one vast, unified, and harmoniously functioning system. Adversities unimaginably appalling, undreamed of crises and upheavals, war, famine and pestilence, might well combine to engrave in the soul of an unheeding generation those truths and principles which it has disained to recognize and follow. A paralysis more painful than any it has yet experienced must creep over and further afflict the fabric of a broken society ere it can be rebuilt and regenerated.” pp. 152-153

Below is my response to prompts from CHPercolator’s prompts for today. I subtitled it: Hickory Dickory Dock, Esther Runs Down the Clock, because I had a piece last week or so where I ran up the clock to the same well known tune!

If the world were flat, we’d have big walls like what they are building down thar in Mexico, with the exception of stopping around some wealthy guy’s house. If I had a wisp of hair for every lie a politician told, I’d be a gorilla on display, in demand at every zoo. If I were a Chinchilla, I’d drop every wisp of hair and act like a rat, because of late, nothing seems nice, or some people seem downright mean.

And, if a frog had wings, he’d fly, and if pigs could talk, would it just be about food and mud, and if a hippopotamus was an ignoramus would he go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs which I am a hankering for since I met So and So and we sat side by side on an Orange Velvet couch and talk of slathering mud all over ourselves?

If I were God, I’d have nuked us long ago and thank goodness for Cosmic Patience. Lordy knows we need it. If I were Miss Habersham of Great Expectation Days, I’d have eaten the cake, made the wedding gown into pillows and tromped around the moors looking for comely men! If I were Napoleon, I’d have worn lifts and praised Josephine for being such a devotee of Pugs, and not cheated on her.

I’d have taken a course in the gratification of ego, and noted, if Hitler had children, he would possibly have taken out his anger on them and note everyone else, but then he had an aunt who was cuckoo and that might have influenced him more, that and his father’s beatings.

If I were younger, and let’s say flashed back to junior high/middle school for all you younguns, I’d not have stabbed my geometry pointer into my hand, nor put my head on the desk and experienced waves of thoughts of suicide washing over my young despairing junior high body. Nope I’d have learned it good and clear so I could understand living geometry, and symmetries of good and evil, and how to get rid of scars from geometry compasses, and thank goodness I didn’t do my face or eyeballs.

If I had married at 19, because I had the wedding dress, the hotel, and a groom named Pudgie whose last name I hated, and who I was growing taller than, I wouldn’t be in a writing group pondering the what ifs of life.

But if I had different prompts today, I wouldn’t be sitting here in my utilitarian nightgown, thatch headed, my fingers clopping over the keys like an old French poodle, lagging across a linoleum floor, and I wouldn’t be sitting next to Bill, my husband, who is taking the world quite seriously today, and we wouldn’t be going out to lunch with So and So, and that reminds me to call What’s His Name, our Prompter of the Week and find time to howl and hoot together, the three of us, at some restaurant where breakfast is big, the waitresses are real, and the conversation is muted.

September 1, 2008 – had great birthday; before, during, after, family, friends, surprise gifts, laughter, talks, healthy food! total wow. A friend said, “You haven’t put anything in your blog for a while, so thought I’d put up my response to the prompts I had to give for one day at CHPercolator on Yahoo where all are welcome to write, not be criticized but to cavort among the pages!

August 24, 2008

Before the music stops, before I have the last dance and unzip my
time-locked coat, and no longer worry about the locomotion of snakes,before I give up on acquiring a specialized instinctive sensitivity –like wondering about tenuous abstractions in the seam like interplace between body and mind, and before I start wondering what in thunder does that last phrase mean, I’ll whip out a few words because prompts, triggers, suggestions for writing have a way of sitting atmy doorstop, like a playful gargoyle with the sun on his back,grinning his unpolished at the dentist teeth and saying, “Wanna come out and play?”

Why do I put gargoyles in my writing? Because, as evolution needs
continuous variation, they pop up in the abandoned warrens of my
mind, and seem to be part of that ledge of shallow unconscious I
cling to in my days on planet earth when someone told me yesterday,
the Mars people are raising the price of Snickers bars, and I thought Mars as on the other planet, and now I know, my sideways view of life is a bit more sideways than other peoples.

It’s all grist for the mill, and I think Steve can get off the floor
and quit groaning over that little ditty of a phrase. Reader, you
see, it’s all because I have an ADD or ADHD type of mind, and was
wind surfing through Guy Murchie’s book The Seven Mysteries of Life,
in an attempt to present concepts to mull over while one is sitting
in night shirts, night clothes, night attire, sitting in the night,
and wondering about one’s life and Mr. Murchie, who has longed since
passed, wrote this really thick, hard bound green book which is

My only problem is I am either not a sustained scholar, or I’m lazy,
and I feel there’s a thin line between these two opposites, tension
of the opposites, I’d say if Steve wanted to groan a bit more. I
find life fascinating. I find the surface of things just ever so
glitzy to think about and read about, and now, I have to put away my
48 books of fiction and get down to more serious study because there
are universes enfolded within my puny self, of a lofty nature, things within and out the universe of the world which I wish to have
knowledge about, but I realize of late, as I am going to be 70 in a
few days, I really only shop or study in the Bargain Basements of my
mind, because I do everything on the fly. I write on the fly; I
particularly study on the fly, and when one is 70, as I will be, I
have to sit up and take life a little straighter and slower.

So I figured, it’s prompt week, and this week is going to be busy:

Sunday – teach ESL to Chinese friends – I’m a substitute because I
introduced So and So to What’s His Name and now So and So can’t
really conduct ESL conversation on Sundays as much.

Monday, a meeting, a 3 mile walk to a friends, discuss upcoming
devotional at her house to be held on Tuesday; get walk in; get to
central library and return books and overdue CD’s, and call library
branch for poster re my teaching writing in September.

Tuesday is meeting, devotional, walk, write, breathe, connect, and
Wednesday interview for volunteer post, check out something down the
street called Bliss, Kundelini yoga, spelled incorrectly, and
Thursday I think I’ll breathe in and out and praise my body for
lasting so long, from 4 pounds to …. Who would have thunk it.

Friday who knows, but I have my prompts all made up; and they were
very scientific at the beginning, unconsciously put down, and I find
when I prompt; I answer my own questions, like Rainer Maria Rilke in
his Letters to a Young Poet said, “Live the question,” and you know I think that’s one of the things we do here in the land of CHPerc; we live the question, but most of all we play well with others.