Tomorrow July 9th, is a very special day, The Martyrdom of the Bab, the precursor and independent Prophet/Manifesation, who commenced the Baha’i era. The Bab means gate, and the Bab came after the end of the Islamic era, which marked the end of prophecy, and this era, marked the beginning of the unfoldment of prophecy for humanity. The Bab’s Ministry, like Jesus’ was very short. He was martyred on July 9th; and 20,000 of His followers were slaughtered, and then Baha’u’llah, whom the Bab referred to as “Him whom God shall make manifest,” announced his station in 183, having received it in 1850 while He was imprisoned in a cistern under the city of Tehran, imprisoned in chains of 200 pounds. It is a moment in history people are becoming aware of. Check out Baha’ if interested.