Today’s writing prompts!

1.    Given the circumstances….

2.    In the Shadow of …..

3.    Today, as never before …

4.    Multiplicity of choice

5.    A day, a moment, an hour, I’ll not forget

6.    The pages are still blank

Did you know there’s a type of bug or spider that runs along in the
Iraqi desert by the figure running, and he/it/she is vicious and has
teeth and will give a deadly bite, but it hides in the shadows. I
read a biography of a doctor’s time in Iraq, a time where her
husband, a Marine also, stayed home with the twins (toddlers) and her
mom and dad came in to do heavy duty grandparent duty. I can’t
remember the title of the book, and given the multiplicity of books
now emerging, can’t remember. Today, as never before, a plethora of
memoir on the war; did I say war? I meant wars emerges, and I think
all valid. It is time to give voice to a day, a moment, an hour, and
those who do will cause me to think and feel, and say, “I’ll not

The pages are still blank as far as our future history goes. Did we
go down that random vortex of unimaginable horror, like living In the
Shadow of Angkor, written and edited by a friend Sharon May, and also
Frank Stewart, a University of Hawaii Press publication?

Today as never before, did I say that? Today as never before, the
forces of light and darkness duke it out, and how can one forget
moments. Yes my world is still as small as a canary yellow and white
cough drop paper bag, and a picture of a very fat, curly tailed pug,
with stocky front legs resting on a small child’s red chair, but over
this is the heaviness of what is happening out there; out beyond the
insulation of our culture and those who romp and play on a Fantasy
Island, like Pinocchio, and mercifully, there is always beauty in the
world, and prose of horrors overcome, as in Anghkor.

I am reminded of a weekend course on the foundation of education
building a world society, and realizing we are in a paradigm shift,
and it is uncomfortable, but current educational practices are based
on getting all of us through a system as the Industrial Revolution,
and that won’t work.

Now is the time for us to enable capacity and connection and
authentic perceptions, and spiritual insight. We are children of a
half light emerging into a global civilization which must consider
that we have come of age spiritually and it’s time to throw down all
shibboleths (is that a word) of difference and pulsate on hoping our
tattered world will win the battle of old egos as in old dinasours.
But I am dangerously near preaching or lecturing, and the heart,
anyone’s heart will go into heels dug into the ground, don’t push me
into a way of thinking, but to end with a remembrance of a day I’ll
not forget is to remember 9/11 after the airplanes’ destructive
paths, before politicians’ games of power, a blank space, like the
action potential of the cell before it hits the synapses, and a blank
time where we were cylindrical in our unity and our caring for the
other; we seemed to be enwrapped in columns of blue misty caring, and
we were one – giving new meaning to prayer as a state of being.