Bill and I have just finished two days of being with dynamite people who are working the Solution, walking the talk, and it has been incredible. Yesterday I was the door girl at the YWCA, handing out program and agenda events while Kathy Lester everyone. The people in that room were part of a forum addressing the relationship between violence and racism, and what the impact of that is. In that room were movers and shakers of incredible dimensions, seeking to find out what actions each one of us could take, individually and collectively, to eliminate violence and racism. Gerda Govine-Ituarte was the Facilitator. I felt as if a rocket could have shot off to the moon just on the power of leadership and dimension within the room.
The day before, several of us attended the Dedication of the Western Justice Center Foundation’s Headquarters Building and Conference Center. It was seamless in grace and action. Students from Maranantha lined the winding pathways guiding us to the Ambassador where about 800 people gathered. Our own Honorable Dorothy W. Nelson, Chair of the Board of Directors, of Western Justice, introduced the Governor, and some very witty dialogue or repartee occurred. She received a standing ovation. The Western Justice Center was a dream of Judge Nelson’s and something which has taken twenty years to evolve. It makes a tremendous impact in the neighborhood, and people from all walks of life come together to learn about and institute conflict resolution. The aim of the Western Justice Center is to bring about a society dedicated to justice, tolerance, equality, eradication of racism, service to the poor and human happiness. This is achievable through dialogue, consultation and mediation, and the Center strives to develop lifelong skills to prevent and resolve conflict among children. Najeeba Syeed-Miller, Executive Director, of the Western Justice Center, gave an impassioned, eloquent talk which was quickly absorbed into everyone’s minds and hearts.
I thought of these past few days as “thinking heart days” and wondered how I, a puny human, could witness such events.