Am going to put some recent writing (draft only) this was trigger “Being Master of the Universe Isn’t all Fun and Games

Meing baster of the universe isn’t all gun and fames kou ynow! just for instance, i have to drop my Master language as was my first sentence (sirst fentence) which I and twelve angels on the head of a pin (welve tangels on the pead of a hin) play when we play olley olley infrey out here on the back deck of pluto.

Pluto, now that was a blow. Pluto was a premature birth, and now because of its neonatal size voted by the earthlings or downgraded –
not a planet any more.

I’m disturbed about all this downgrading on the planet. Earth Planet is coarsening. They don’t listen to my messages. The political leaders and corporate CEO’s are like Oreo cookies. Remember Oreo cookies being invented? Such dark chocolate, flaky, melt in your mouth experience of our little cookie eaters on the planet.

I was proud that a soul like Betty Crocker (Cetty Brocker) burst onto the food scene. Finally, someone thought about the little people,
their needs. Well now,it seems these same leaders and CEO’s have taken that gorgeous white cream out of the middle and are just using
it all for themselves.

meing baster of the universe isn’t all gun and fames. You see I am an advanced earthling (whatever that means) and the Creator appointed me Chief Custodian, and I have to report to this Creator every event, small or big. People envy me, but believe you me (yelieve mou ye) some days I just want to grow German Shepherd fur on my neck, go out to the garden and eat worms.