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My twin, Elizabeth Leslie, died June 18, 2007. She won the long hard fight, and many events and happenings swirled around us, too numerous to comment at the moment. She died peacefully, family nearby. She was surrounded by loved ones, and Hospice, Hospice was incredible, and educative and loving. Lindsey, Matt’s wife (my nephew) and I were student nurses. We learned to crush ice chips with a hammer (ice folded up in tea-towel), we learned how a sheet placed under the patient’s torso, is called a draw sheet, and how two figures get on each side and lift the patient up. we learned how to lift someone from bed to chair, and i learned all manner of getting meds into my sister whom I call Liz. Matt, Lindsey, Bill and I were like a concerto, and since Lindsey is a trumpet player, I thought musical reference good. I have pictures or will put pics up later, but Matt did a montage of pics including some of Liz and I as kids on trycicles and the like, causing a lump in my throat at random moments. A lot was said; she was held, loved, prayed for, with, over, and tucked in the best way we all knew how. It’s a privilege to help a soul over the threshhold, and i’m glad Bill and i were there.

we were to go to seattle, but too tired. Instead, we are down with Ralph and Sue in Chico, and will get back to Pasadena in mid-July. Friends all over sent prayers and love, and how lucky can you get. So that’s it for now, a breaking of my blog silence. Wishing you all well, love esther