A lot of people need prayers. Some people need a “Happy Naw Ruz” also. So to my good friends who are Muslim and Baha’i, much love and joyous beginnings of a new year.
On the prayer front: certain my twin, Elizabeth, and a family in Pasadena. The great grandmother is our friend, Sara, and a long-time Baha’i. She’s lived in Africa, and China and been of great service to humanity. She’s in advanced stages of Alzheimers. Her daughter, whose name I’ll keep private, is one of the bravest, stand-up straight, tell the world what it’s like,” has had several strokes (she’s 50 ish) and cancer i think has returned. This daughter has a daughter who has a physical disability but who has taken to the helm and is caring for her grandmother in her apartment. They all live in the same apartment complex. The daughter went to the hospital yesterday; totally in pain, unable to eat for weeks, much more. Her youngest son who just graduated high school has been by her side. If ever this family needed prayers, it’s now, and loving help. So if you could that would be great. I will post a Healing Prayer as an image also. Blessings and love to you all; we are really part of one Great Fabric.