From every standpoint the world of humanity is undergoinga re-formation. The laws of former governments and civilizations are in process of revision. Scientific ideas and theories are developing and advancing to meet a new range of phenomena.

Invention and discovery are penetrating hitherto unknown fields revealing new wonders and hidden secrets of the material universe. Industries have vastly wider scope and production. Everywhere the world of mankind is in the throes of evolutionary activity indicating the passing of the old conditions and advent of the new age of re-formation. Old trees yield no fruitage; old ideas and methods are obsolete and worthless now. Old standards of ethics, moral codes and methods of living in the past will not suffice for the present age of advancement and progress.

This is the cycle of maturity and re-formation in religion as well. Dogmatic imitations of ancestral beliefs are passing. They have been the axis around which religion revolved but now are no longer fruitful. On the contrary, in this day they have become the cause of human degradation and hindrance. Bigotry and dogmatic adherence to ancient beliefs have become the centra land fundamental source of animosity among men, the obstacleto human progress, the cause of warfare and strife, the destroyerof peace, composure and welfare in the world…… Abdu’l-Baha Foundations of World Unity p. 10