No-Sew Friendship Dolls: Easy to Make “No-Sew” Dolls that Teach about “Unity in Diversity”. The dolls are made out of rolled strips of paper and can be dressed in all types of diverse costumes. Parents and teachers can make these dolls very detailed to give as gifts or to decorate a classroom in an international theme. Children ages 8-12 can make them with very little assistance, and younger children can make them with adult help.
Puffy Pictures: Children can transform their drawings into large pillows or small little gifts.
Prayer and Virtue Cards: A fun way for your child to learn memorization skills. They can be used at spiritual gatherings like Feast or everyday at bedtime. Make a few at a time and create a collection which can be passed along from child to child.
“World Traveling” Teddy: Send your Toy on a Global Adventure! An exciting project for one child to do, or for an entire classroom of children. A teddybear is suggested, but I don’t see why other types of stuffed animals couldn’t be substituted. The basic idea is that the bear is like a “message in a bottle” that is thrown into the ocean, but in this case will be carried from place to place by travelers to distant lands.