From Wikipedia:
“The Order of the Pug was a paraMasonic society founded by Roman Catholics. It is believed that it was founded in 1740 by Klemens August of Bavaria to bypass the papal bull Eminenti Apostolatus Specula of 1738.
The constitution of the Order of the Pug allowed women, as long as they were Catholics. The pug was a symbol of loyality, trustworthiness and steadiness.
Members called themselves Pugs and novices were initiated wearing a dog collar, and they had to scratch at the door to get in. The novices were blindfolded and led around a carpet with symbols on it nine times while the Pugs of the Order barked loudly to test the steadiness of the newcomers. During the initiation, the novices also had to kiss a Pug’s (porcelain) backside under its tail as an expression of total devotion.
The members of the Order carried a Pug medallion made of silver.
In 1745, in Amsterdam was a disclosure script was published with the title L’ordre des Franc-Maçons trahi et le Secret des Mopses révélé which included the ritual and two graphics.
The Order was forbidden in Göttingen in 1748.


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