Bill and I walked down to Wild Oats, a half an hour walk and met Jamie a friend and a Jazz musician, and just great guy. It got hot, but I did it. Bill out of energy too. Met a fellow reading book on Redneck Blacks and White Liberals, and chatted. Conversation went on to deeper historical matters of race, and then to Russia. He lived in Norway or somewhere as student; speaks Russian; has son who graduates
from West Point this year. His wife must be Chinese as the son is Chinese-African-American. His son speaks Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Not sure of latter. This guy plays a Russian instrument and is in amateur orchestra that practices up at the McKinley schoolin Pasadena on Monday nights-he and his wife live in San Marino; he gave me his card and told me to call someone and get on the list of happenings. I did. I also promised to “gift” him my book. Then he met Bill and Jamie, and he and Jamie talked musicians. He had met Dizzy Gillespie. Great fun; interesting!