Road Kill -ESTHER wrote this a year or so ago

Visualize the earth from that first soul-gasping view of outer space. See its perfect roundness; large, solid, resplendent in this first virginal glimpse. A planet before it goes to dancing school; adolescent, self-conscious, thinking only it exists. Imagine the earth’s surprise; did I say the Earth’s surprise? Imagine you, the observer’s surprise, as your eyes widen, your corrugated inner views fall away like old siding: we are not the only ones.

Visualize, if you will, a full moon, illuminating this gut-soothingly yours planet. Wait, blocks appear to be circumambulating the earth’s rim. Like gargantuan sow bugs in deliberate plod, they move. Your eyes narrow, as these steel carriers, like expanded versions of high school lockers move; in a relentless grind, gouging the planet’s surface. They grunt and suck as you stand riveted.

Visualize silhouettes which you now recognize as Humvees. Another light appears, like a distant point, the size of an eraser on a pencil, building in intensity. This light folds over the Humvees, casts a splash of light on to the Earth’s inky blue covering. Then the light hovers, wiggles, and finally stills. A hot revulsion fills you as the light reveals a place, a city, a twisted, rotted, bombed out, dusty, carcasses-on-the- street, children crying without limbs, homes, parents city. Baghdad. The light reveals Baghdad. You witness unimaginable horror. You awaken.