The guy with the ice cream cone next to the dog who is bronzed, but looks like he could eat the cone anyway, is coming over tomorrow to help me figure out how to spiff up my blog and get websites in their in one spot; always recommending something of interest. Quiet night; the temperature dropped; crickets not as noisy; no skunk smells, I stayed home, Bill went out to Baha’i Feast; Watched part of Dateline about the kids whose father’s had died; and here they were 4-5 years later. Heartrending some of it; meanwhile rhetoric flies re war.

by Esther Bradley-DeTally-(wrote this a year ago)

Elizabeth Vargas bids goodbye
From the news -wait
How is Peter Jennings?
But now I know

Of his kind heart, his last days
His frailty, and what of his regrets
about those last cigarettes?

9/11 – my fingers
probe memory’s silt,
Braille the reality of those days,
find terror’s dullard cousin

Our earth stood still on 9/11.
Together in cylindrical need
We lurched towards one another,
a oneness prayer,
no words or syllables or sounds

We united until the politicians
Like Crows from New Jersey,
fat cigars hanging from their mouths,
carped, scavenged
and hawked
their way up ladders of
avarice and greed.

“The necks of men are stretched out
in malice,”*
Crows cavorted long back halls
of politically elite, and
power’s salacious divide

Language used for
dark reptilian thoughts
Separate: the enemy,
The other

The Crows, did I say crows?
I meant Boys, Boys at play
Like Gargoyles in a game
Crocodiles shopping for dental twine.
*Baha’i Writings

Still a lot to be grateful for; gotta crash!