I love putting images on this blog! I still am awaiting a friend’s help as I want to also put on this blog helpful websites, of which I think will be: Baha’i International Website, Jack Grapes Writing Class Website, Little Angels Pug Rescue in Pasadena, Powell’s bookstore in Portland; be still my heart!

I walked the Rose Bowl this morning with new friend from Trinidad; and it’s great to return to getting up early and heading out to walk 3 miles. It’s been 100 or so these days, and we walk the early mornings. i find pressure on my sternum increases, and I think “oops- heat, whatever,” and will check with my cardiologist maybe in October. Women can’t read heart discomfort as well. It’s not as clearly defined. However, i only feel this pressure when i walk up the slight incline at the Rosebowl; after a mile or more, i hit my stride when we walk down a bit. I stayed up too late last night fooling around with posting pics. Okay, i’ll find a good quote and insert it here, and then be off for the day; desk littered high: Am teaching a Ruhi Course; or faciliting it this afternoon; more about that later; going to Baha’i Feast tonight; have the Writings prepared; Amelia has put music on her IPOD; have about 6 library books piled up; one is Gail Godwin the Making of a Wreitr; one is Flatland, Friedman, the others; and then my miscellaneous stuff; i have a bumper sticker to my right which is upside down, but it says Wage Peace, and I have a greeting card in front of me from Margaret which shows a pug on a leopard skin pillow infront of a huge tasseled, looks Islamic type throne of a hat, and the dog has two palm trees in green and white striped conainers like bookends to either side; he’s a he; i kow it; Every dog has its day” is the slogan and i howled when receiving it; you have to be a pug devotee to understand this; my calendar says “don’t feed the Pug,” and I think it’s owner too; it has a caption,Round Mound of Hound and to the left, Kevin, wonderful Kevin who has graduated from Cal Tech was down this weekend and gave us something, a print from El Salvador, which is art produced on a father, vivid colors, greens, reds for red tiled roofs; little white houses, dirt streets; incredible.

“Know that you are where you are
not by chance but by the design
of your Creator,
for your development
and for the development
of those around you.”

‘Abdu’l Baha
Son of Baha’u’llah, Prophet Founder of Baha’i Faith